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Name: Advanced Auto Parts
Phone: (800) 918-3715

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City: CRYSTAL CITY 78839
Phone: (210)3745440
Address : 2120 NORTH HIGHWAY 83

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CRYSTAL CITY, TEXAS Junk Yards, Salvage Yards

Crystal City is a small town located 95 miles from San Antonio.  The population of Crystal City is around 7,190.  With such a small population and a long way from San Antonio, Crystal City salvage yards find it challenging to find an adequate amount of junk vehicles to keep their inventory varied and plentiful.  Large families abound in this town so there are a large amount of family sedans and minivans around so Crystal City junk yards do have many of these on hand.  Since junk yards do pay money for salvage vehicles, many residents make sure they head there first when there is an abandoned or junk car to deal with.  The city has a very low median income of just $17,555 so utilizing salvage yards to obtain parts for vehicles is a must for the residents of Crystal City.

CRYSTAL CITY, TEXAS junk yards and salvage yards can be the first place to check when you need a quality used OEM part for a discount and much cheaper than new or rebuilt. In CRYSTAL CITY you can find what you need from a certified TEXAS auto recycling facility.

In CRYSTAL CITY you can pickup or have your part delivered and normally free or discounted.

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