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Name: Advanced Auto Parts
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City: ELECTRA 76360
Phone: (817)4952271
Address : 701 DOUGLAS ROAD

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ELECTRA, TEXAS Junk Yards, Salvage Yards

Electra, Tx is a small town located in north Texas, 25 miles west of Wichita Falls. It has a population of only 3,168.  Most folks drive to work here as the commuter rate is around 97%.  Electra salvage yards supply a lot of the parts to the residents here. With a small population and low median income, the junk yards here provide a great service because used parts usually sell for a lot less than it costs to buy the same part new. 

Electra junk yards provide another important community service as well.  By purchasing inoperable vehicles, recycling the metal and parts and safely collecting and disposing of hazardous materials; the salvage yards in Electra keep the city clutter free and preserve the environment.

ELECTRA, TEXAS junk yards and salvage yards can be the first place to check when you need a quality used OEM part for a discount and much cheaper than new or rebuilt. In ELECTRA you can find what you need from a certified TEXAS auto recycling facility.

In ELECTRA you can pickup or have your part delivered and normally free or discounted.

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